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We are a team of professional chauffeurs with a fleet of the latest Cadillac, Chevrolet and Mercedes models, offering top quality limo/security service Worldwide, based in Miami. At BLVCK LEMAN we have luxury vehicles available 24/7 for business trips, airport transfers, recreational trips, special occasions, hourly transfers and VIP protection . Regularly serviced and clean vehicles, certified chauffeurs who function as your assistants during your travels, insurance policies starting from a million dollars and more, or even a personalized service, guarantee your security and comfort!

Chauffeur/Limo Service

Elevate your journey with our chauffeur-driven limousine service. Whether it's a business trip, airport transfer, or a special occasion, we ensure an impeccable ride that befits your stature.

Private Security Services 

Your safety is paramount. Our highly trained security personnel offer VIP protection, ensuring your peace of mind throughout your travels.

Construction & Renovation

Transform your spaces with our expert construction and renovation services. Meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence underscore every project we undertake. 

Concierge Services

Our concierge specialists craft moments that resonate with your desires, turning ordinary trips into extraordinary memories. Whether it's arranging private yacht charters or orchestrating exclusive shopping sprees, we take care of the details, leaving you free to savor every moment.

CCTV Installation & 24/7 Surveillance 

Safeguard your surroundings with our cutting-edge CCTV installation and 24/7 surveillance solutions. We provide advanced security measures to protect what matters most to you.

Luxury Car Rental 

For those seeking a self-driven experience, our luxury car rental service presents an array of elite vehicles for your exploration and enjoyment.

Experience the BLVCK LEMAN difference—a world where luxury knows no bounds and every mile is an indulgence. Explore Miami and beyond with an unmatched blend of sophistication and security. 

Welcome to a new era of travel

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